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Message From Founder

Message From Founder

Mrs. Eustacia Anderson

Be a voice for Justice and breaking the silence for survivors of abuse is on all of us, not just on the survivors. We need to break the silence of societies, communities and institutions that allow sexual violence to happen and victims to remain silent. We need to make the invisible visible. It’s time to change the things we cannot accept. It is devastating that most sexual abuse begins in childhood. These survivors are our children, loved ones, coworkers, and members of our family.

One of the most important efforts of SRF has been the awareness campaigns for abuse Against Children. Sexual abuse is one of the largest pandemics of our time. SRF commits its resources to address issues of global, social, and environmental concern, particularly those that have a major impact on the lives of the disadvantaged.

Firmly believing that change is possible, the need to invest in solutions, though, for example, the implementation of laws and policies, supportive programmes, safe spaces, changing harmful social norms, and education, will support others to make the world a safer, fairer, and more sustainable place to live.

As I have said before, “Preventing and ending abuse creates a more equitable world for women and girls, and people of all genders who experience harm.

SRF is embracing this spirit of change for the culture in many ways by prioritizing efforts to prevent and end sexual assault. This may include activities such as improving outreach, services, and support for survivors of sexual assault, investing in survivor-centered improvements to the criminal justice process, and addressing abuse, harassment, and exploitation.

Our communities don’t have public servants that are more dedicated to the public than the team here at SRF, but our office alone cannot end sexual abuse. We honored the progress society has made and we also acknowledged the work ahead to make equality real for all. Those who work in the field understand exactly how complex, comprehensive, and intersectional the response to gender-based violence must be to succeed.

We consistently hear from survivors about the multifaceted barriers they face, the need for economic and housing support, the challenges accessing systems that intended to help… etc.
We have to support survivors and help break the stigma. It takes one to help one to make a difference and that one starts with YOU. Be a Voice for Justice and help break the silence of sexual abuse!

Message From Founder