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Our Team

At the Shalom Rescue Foundation, our team is composed of passionate individuals who are dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of children and young people in Sierra Leone. Our team includes experienced social workers, counselors, educators, and volunteers who work tirelessly to deliver high-quality programs and services to those entrusted in our care. We are committed to upholding the core values of our organization, including compassion, respect, collaboration, and innovation, in all our activities. Through our team’s efforts, we strive to provide a safe and supportive environment where those we serve can heal, grow, and thrive.


Mr. Emmanuel Duncan

Operations/Programs Director

Oversees and manages SRF Programs and Projects. Therefore, his main priority is to oversee all the work being carried out by all the departments and ensure the whole operation is running smoothly and effectively.

Mr. Samuel Borbor - Community Outreach Coordinator

Mr. Samuel Borbor

Community Outreach Coordinator

His main focus is to connect the organization to the general public. He works hard to build interest in the community and spread awareness. He aims to genarate aid and such from people/companies/stakeholders etc.. outside of the organization.

Mrs. Remilekun Yarjah - Finance Officer

Mrs. Remilekun Yarjah

Finance Officer

Her role is to make the best financial decisions for SRF based on the allocated budget, provide operational oversight function on cash/bank transactions, oversees and manages finance procedures and other tasks to ensure effective and efficient financial management.

Mrs. Yassinatu Fallah

Advocacy & Sponsorship Coordinator

She advocate for the interests of SRF in the hopes of implementing changes that helps execute SRF mission statement, and manages all of SRF charitable giving/goals.

Mr. Leonard Decker - Communication Officer

Mr. Leonard Decker

Communication Officer

He work closely with the teams inside the organization to produce emails, social media, etc. He uses internal information to generate public interest in the organization.

Mr. Ibrahim Kamara - Admin_Program support

Mr. Ibrahim Kamara

Admin/Program support

He is an expert in organizing and executing office duties, interacting with our clients, and attending to the everyday operation of SRF. HE keeps the whole entity functioning.

Wulamatu Samura - Voice For Justice Facilitator

Wulamatu Samura

Voice For Justice (V4J) Facilitator

She serves as a community builder or community organizer. She works directly with our partnered schools, conduct intake/assessments and responsible for planning and administering programs.

Our Volunteers