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Shalom Rescue Foundation: Fostering Lasting Peace through Education

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The International Day of Education, celebrated annually on January 24, serves as a global reminder of the essential role education plays in promoting human rights and societal well-being. This year’s theme, “Learning for Lasting Peace,” resonates profoundly with our mission, s we are dedicated to breaking down barriers and creating a society where women and children can lead fulfilling lives. 

Our Role in Promoting Lasting Peace through Education:

Donation of School Supplies:

Shalom Rescue Foundation understands the critical role access to education plays in building lasting peace. Through initiatives such as the donation of school supplies to pupils from various schools, the organization ensures that children have the essential tools needed to engage in the learning process. By eliminating barriers to education, we empower young minds and contribute to the foundation of a peaceful and prosperous society.

School Awareness Raising Tour:

We engage in awareness raising tours, reaching out to communities to underscore the importance of education in fostering lasting peace. These tours serve as a platform to engage with pupils, parents, teachers, and community leaders, creating a collective understanding of the pivotal role education plays in shaping the future.  

Voice-For-Justice School Clubs:

We actively promote the establishment of Voice-For-Justice School Clubs, creating platforms for students to express themselves and engage in discussions on social justice issues. At the moment, we have established the V4J Clubs in ten schools across Freetown.

These clubs serve as catalysts for critical thinking, empathy, and understandings, fostering a sense of responsibility and a safe space for children to tell their story freely. By empowering the youth to be advocates for justice, the organization plants seeds for positive change and enduring peace.

Menstrual and Hygiene Campaigns:

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by girls in pursuing education, Shalom Rescue Foundation conducts menstrual and hygiene campaigns. By addressing the specific needs of female students, the organization contributes to a more inclusive and equitable educational environment. This initiative not only supports girls’ education but also contributes to breaking down societal taboos and fostering a culture of understanding and acceptance. We also distributed our “Dignity Packages” which contains Soap, sanitary Pads, Shaving sticks, Sanitary towels, deodorants, and a gift bag. We also target children who are vulnerable, marginalized, deprived, and physically challenged.

Community Outreach through Radio and Television:

Recognizing the diverse media landscape, Shalom Rescue Foundation extends its reach through traditional media outlets such as radio and television. Community outreach programs feature discussions, interviews, and storytelling sessions that resonate with local audiences, reinforcing the importance of education in creating a peaceful and prosperous society.


Shalom Rescue Foundation’s commitment to the theme “Learning for Lasting Peace” is evident in its multifaceted approach towards education. Through initiatives that address the diverse needs of the community, SRF not only facilitates access to education but also actively contributes to building a foundation for enduring peace in Sierra Leone.

As the world celebrates the International Day of Education, Shalom Rescue Foundation stands as a shining example of an organization dedicated to transforming lives through the power of education and fostering a future of lasting peace.

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