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Voice for Justice (V4J) Inter-Primary School Annual Spelling Bee Competition

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Shalom Rescue Foundation orchestrated an enriching event that captivated the hearts and minds of young learners – the Inter-Primary School Spelling Bee Competition. Hosted at the Sierra Leone Library, this event marked one of the many delightful moments where pupils were provided with a unique platform to enhance their spelling skills in an engaging and educational setting.

The primary objective of the competition was to facilitate the improvement of pupils’ spelling abilities, broaden their vocabulary, instill important language concepts, and foster the development of accurate English language usage. Shalom Rescue Foundation recognizes the importance of creating innovative and enjoyable learning experiences, and the Spelling Bee Competition served as a commendable initiative toward this goal.

Participation and Enthusiasm:

Children from various primary schools participated with unparalleled enthusiasm, showcasing their dedication to learning and honing their language skills. The competition was not only a test of spelling proficiency but also an embodiment of the participants’ efforts and initiative, which were wholeheartedly appreciated by all those in attendance.

Results and Achievements:

The Spelling Bee Competition concluded with outstanding performances from the participants. Abdulrahim Kamara from Samaria Primary School secured the position of the first runner-up, while Ernest Sango from FAWA Primary School Kroo Bay claimed the second runner-up spot. The grand winner of the event was Aminata Kamara from Regent Square Primary School, who demonstrated exceptional spelling prowess and linguistic aptitude.

Annual Tradition and Future Plans:

Shalom Rescue Foundation is committed to making a lasting impact on the education and development of young minds. The Inter-Primary School Spelling Bee Competition is intended to become an annual tradition, providing a consistent platform for students to engage in friendly competition while enhancing their language skills. To achieve this goal, the foundation welcomes partners and sponsors who share the vision of empowering the youth through education.

Call to Action:

We invite individuals, organizations, and businesses to join us in making a difference in the lives of young learners. By becoming partners or sponsors, you contribute to the success of future events that aim to empower students and promote educational excellence. Together, let’s inspire the next generation and create a positive impact on their educational journey. Join Shalom Rescue Foundation in shaping a brighter future through the power of education.

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