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The Deadly Epidemic of “Kush”: A National Crisis

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In April 2024, Sierra Leone was thrust into a state of emergency as President Julius Maada Bio declared a national emergency on drugs and substance abuse. At the heart of this crisis lies a potent and insidious threat: “Kush,” a synthetic drug wreaking havoc on individuals (predominately youths), families, and communities across the nation.

With the proliferation of this substance, the Nation now faces an unprecedented crisis that delves into the realm of public health and national security. Families are torn apart, communities left in ruins, and the very fabric of society strained to its breaking point.

What is Kush?

Kush is not just another drug; it is a harbinger of destruction, a synthetic nightmare that robs its victims of their dignity and humanity. Manufactured in clandestine labs within the country, Kush is allegedly mixed with human bones (from corpse. Some consider it to be highly spiritual and almost impossible to resist.

‘STOP KUSH’ Campaign!

In response to the pressing challenge at hand, the President of Sierra Leone has activated a national task force aimed at confronting the pervasive threat of Kush and other hazardous substances. From law enforcement agencies to healthcare professionals, educators, and community leaders, a collaborative effort is underway to combat this epidemic head-on.

Shalom Rescue Foundation together with our Partners swiftly responded to this call by initiating proactive measures to halt the spread of Kush. Focusing on the most vulnerable in marginalized communities, we are launching comprehensive Awareness Raising Campaigns, Advocacy efforts, and livelihood and community support initiatives. Our approach is grassroots-oriented, commencing with the Dwarzark Community and extending outward from there.

A Race Against Time

One of the victims, named Alex, a second-year student at the Fourah Bay (USL), bravely shared his personal journey of addiction and the path to recovery. With a fervent desire to achieve full rehabilitation and resume his studies, Alex’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the human toll of substance abuse.

Samuel Borbor, our dedicated Community Outreach Coordinator, has taken the lead in orchestrating this campaign. Through his efforts, he addresses pivotal issues impacting our communities head-on. With the active involvement of community stakeholders, we are poised to eradicate the scourge of Kush, step by step, one community at a time. Together, we can achieve the vision of a Kush-free future. As Sierra Leone grapples with the devastating consequences of Kush, every moment counts. Lives hang in the balance, and the fate of future generations teeters on the brink.

Join the Movement

Are you eager to make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by Kush? Join us in our mission by offering your support in various ways. Whether through cash donations or in-kind contributions of essential items like toiletries, food & Medical supplies, vehicles and more, your generosity will directly impact the communities we serve. You can also be part our team of volunteers in the fight to rehabilitate victims and restore the dignity of our beloved generation of youths.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to our CEO/Founder Eustacia Anderson (Mrs.), Superseding Grace Counselling Services and Sheku-Tepe Foundation, as well as our esteemed staffs, volunteers, and community stakeholders, for their invaluable contribution to our campaign.

Your generous support is instrumental in our efforts to combat the scourge of Kush and provide vital assistance to those in need.

To learn more about how you can donate and contribute, please see our website donation detailed information. Your involvement, no matter the form, will play a vital role in our community outreach campaigns and help us provide much-needed assistance to those in need. Together, let’s make a meaningful impact and pave the way for positive change. Visit our website today and be a part of our journey towards a brighter tomorrow.

Authored by: Emmanuel Olufemi Duncan

Operations/Programs Director

Shalom Rescue Foundation

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